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Learn Qigong! Medical Qigong DVD by Reg. Physiotherapist

The qigong (also called qi gong, chi kung or chi gong) presented here are developed through years of cooperation between the most experienced physiotherapists and well-established qigong masters from around the world. This is medical qigong and is said to be the most healing method.

Physiotherapists around the world have enormous help from qigong. Registered physiotherapist Charlotte Nordstrom explains that the qigong presented here have not only been appreciated by her patients as daily exercise to achieve litheness in muscles and joints; they have also helped them with other medical issues i.e. headaches, dizziness, fibromyalgia and stress related problems such as sleeping difficulties, panic attacks and more, in an astonishing way.

Qigong DVD

The unique qigong technique is available on a qigong DVD. The qigong DVD is easy to follow and understand. It contains all the different Qigong exercises you may need, from easy to powerful qigong movements. If you want to learn qigong now, download the complete qigong video. Select from the menu above. Good luck!

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